Certifications & Associations

Not only does CMT pride itself on helping its customers improve its production, efficiency, and customer responsiveness, we also walk the walk when it comes to professionalism and customer service in our own business.

This commitment to the highest standards of business integrity, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement is exemplified by our ISO 9001/2015 certification. The same dedication and hard work that CMT invests in maintaining our ISO 9001 certification is put to use in helping our customers make their businesses leaner and more profitable.

CMT believes that as it continues to meet the ISO 9001 standards, our business and reputation as a trusted partner in the metalworking industry will grow. And as we adhere to the standards set by ISO 9001, our quality, technological expertise, and service will bring value our customers cannot find anywhere else.

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metalworking associationsWe are also proud members of AD (Affiliated Distributors) and the Industrial Supply Association.