Crib Management


Crib Management

Control losses and maximize efficiency of your metalworking tools and products with CMT’s crib management services for your crib or storerooms. This service, coupled with our product and inventory management expertise, results in significant savings. 

What Is Crib Management?

Crib management is equivalent to equipment and stock oversight in your business: a ‘crib’ of inventoried tools and an administrative system that helps keep track of:
  • Who took tools
  • Where they were taking them
  • When they brought them back
  • What maintenance was completed
  • Which got broken
  • Which wore out
  • Overall stock of tools and materials
This information doesn’t just help companies keep better tabs on their tooling and how their workers use it, it can give insight into which tools work best, which should be replaced, and where costs might be cut or waste eliminated.

CMT’s Cost Saving Crib Management Solution

Our Crib Management services place our expertise right in your facility: ordering, receiving and disbursing items for you. Our custom service solutions (CSS) help automate many of the previously labor intensive activities within a crib through the use of barcoding and computerized management, while working to improve service levels and reduce inventory.  You get:
  • Greater Flexibility. By working with an outside team of experts, you gain incomparable flexibility in your integration and administration. Need to scale up faster than anticipated? Need your new solution to work seamlessly with other inventory oversight software? Whether you need a fully custom solution or just a bit of assistance getting set up, we offer the flexibility your business needs without breaking the bank.
  • Extensive Expertise. Engaging CMT’s services puts experts with highly specialized experience at your fingertips, without the excess cost of hiring them full time. When you need a unique solution to difficult problems, our crib management services can provide it faster, more effectively, and more reliably.
  • Convenience to Save Time & Money. Skip the headaches of hiring, training, installation, and integration. Our team is ready to handle the hard parts of getting this technology working for you, so you don’t have to. 
CMT’s CSS Crib Management services can be provided through your existing business systems, with CMT systems or both. It’s our flexibility that allows us to support this function and provide maximum savings.

The Bottom Line for Metalworking Tools and Products

CMT has a team of personnel focused on finding the best inventory management solutions for our clients. These solutions cut costs by minimizing tool and inventory losses, eliminating over- or understocking of essential items, and providing real-time tracking of tool and material locations and inventories. 
We also maximize efficiency, ensuring that needed materials are where they are needed, when they are needed. Contact CMT or Request a Consultation today to find out how crib management can help improve your company’s bottom line.