Engineering Support


Engineering Support

CMT’s application engineers have the technical ability and resources to help reduce your tooling and MRO costs. As graduate engineers and shop trained technicians, we provide a non-biased approach to reducing your manufacturing costs.

The Right Tools and the Right Expertise

CMT’s wide range of tooling brands provide us a powerful way to find the right product to help drive your costs down. We work with you to understand your manufacturing constraints and bottle-necks, targeting the best potential for bottom line improvement.
In a technology based industry, products change and are improved nearly as quickly as they are produced. CMT personnel are trained on the latest manufacturing processes, products and equipment and offer that expertise and experience to our customers.

Ensuring Success for You and Your Customers

Proper engineering lays the groundwork for successful, on-time delivery—both for us getting you the tools you need, and for you to deliver a quality product to your own customers. 
Working with an experienced team of trained engineers is one of the best ways to ensure that project delays and cost overruns are avoided. CMT has the engineering expertise and experience to help guide any project to a successful completion. Contact us today or Request a Consultation to find out how our engineers can help you.