Industrial Vending Machines

CMT is dedicated to providing industrial leaders with the most efficient tools for improving production and cutting costs. Along with a wide variety of production tools, CMT is also an official distributor of Autocrib vending machines, CTMS Matrix industrial supply vending machines, and SecuraStock machines to provide practical distribution options. CTMS Matrix, Autocrib, and SecuraStock vending machines are innovative and they allow businesses to distribute goods and products to workers at maximum cost efficiency. 

Industrial Supply Vending Machines to Reinvent Inventory Control

CMT’s expert knowledge partnered with industrial vending machine software provides you with a complete solution for streamlining your business. There's no better way to make sure employees have the equipment and safety gear that they need.
  • Quick and Easy. Fast and reliable access to small equipment like gloves, to larger equipment like metalworking tools.
  • Detailed Tracking. Track your inventory, check-outs, returns, and more in real time, allowing you to spend less time in the storeroom. Make sure your equipment is fully stocked and which items need to be replaced. 
  • Automated Inventory. Automate ordering, receiving, stocking, and tracking inventory, to help reduce costs of inventory spend.
  • Ensured Security. Inventory is securely stored away and locked with access control by item, department, employee, etc.  

Custom Industrial Vending Machines to Your Business

Misused or misplaced tools and materials create considerable costs across every industry. Using an automated vending solution allows companies to better manage these critical inventories. CMT partners with your business to make sure you get the right industrial supply vending machine solutions to help reduce costs and save you time. Contact CMT to find out more about our automated vending machines. 

CMT offers a combination of vending solutions. To learn more about the system offerings, click the links below.