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Like the industry itself, CMT continually pushes the envelope to meet the demands of our aviation and aerospace customers. Our lines of metal cutting tools and abrasives specially created for working with super-strength aluminum, nickel alloys, and advanced composites stand ready to meet the dynamic safety, precision, and performance demands of the commercial, military, and private aviation industry.

Total Industry Solutions

Our knowledge, experience and comprehensive list of brands can provide custom metalworking tools and productivity support perfectly suited to aerospace manufacturing with:
  • Innovative techniques for composite and high-strength material alloy machining.
  • Partnering agreements that give aerospace manufacturers one-stop solutions for all their tooling needs.
  • Experience and technical understanding required to meet the industry’s exhaustive demands.

Quality and Experience to Meet Aerospace Industry Demands

CMT boasts nearly 35 years of nose-to-tail aerospace tooling and production experience ranging from working with large commercial aircraft manufacturers to builders of engine, airframe and wing components, and electronics and environmental systems

More Than Just Metalworking Tools

CMT has provided solutions for producers of virtually every aviation component, from engines and wing sections to advanced electronics, and everything in between. Your partner in tooling and supply chain management, we offer value-added services such as:
  1. Product and application recommendations based on component and material specifications.
  2. Process design and engineering support.
  3. Materials and inventory control processes incorporating intuitive vending machines and just-in-time delivery to empower productivity and cut costs.

CMT Carries Metalworking Tools Manufactured for Superior Strength

We are proud to carry metalworking products from the most accomplished manufacturing partners in the world; tooling and MRO supplies that meet or exceed every aerospace regulation and standard. 
  • Metal Cutting Tools
  • Abrasives
  • Gauging
  • PPE
  • MRO Products
  • And more
CMT offers engineering and product support in order to turnkey complete tooling solutions for entire Aerospace components.  Utilizing this approach, our customers can manufacture higher quality parts, in less time, with less tooling required, resulting in lower cost per part. CMT’s complete offering of additional PPE and MRO products can supplement that in order to make sure that customers have everything they need to be in compliance on the manufacturing floor. Contact us today and talk to a representative about how CMT can help your aerospace company.