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General Engineering

The general engineering industry requires tools that tread the fine line between rugged dependability and precise tolerances within a wide variety of materials. On one hand, the general engineering companies may produce huge pipeline segments or oil well sections that must perform in extreme environmental conditions. On the other, they may produce delicate medical devices that must meet rigid requirements to ensure health and safety.

Support at Every Step to Maximize Savings

Fortunately, the experts at CMT understand the constraints you, as a general engineering or machine shop professional face. With experience earned over years in various industries, our service-minded consultants can anticipate your customers’ demands and integrate tool design, process engineering, and precision tooling to ensure your work and the components and implements you deliver exceed their expectations. 
Our engineering solutions have resulted in significant savings in several areas for many of our clients:
  • Reduced machine downtime creating lower cost per unit
  • Proper tool selection resulting in longer life and lower replacement costs
  • Process and work flow analysis leading to greater productivity
CMT’s knowledge of machine tools, fixtures, gauging, fluids and processes is unsurpassed in the industry.  

Extending Your Capabilities

These advantages are possible only through our tireless efforts to forge strong partnering relationships with both our customers and our industry-leading manufacturers to discover the optimal solutions to manufacturing challenges, cost reduction, and skills development.
For general engineering shops especially, a cooperative relationship with CMT represents an investment in quality, consistency, and responsiveness to customer needs. Our intimate knowledge of your manufacturing and business practices makes CMT an on-call resource for developing solutions and answers to customers’ pressing needs.
We start with a thorough analysis of your needs and manufacturing processes, techniques, and niches. That will guide our work in planning, preparing for contingencies, tool selection, inventory management, and operator training. From there, we will look at ways to combine the best practices we recommend into a completely integrated solution. Contact us today and talk to a representative about how CMT can help your general engineering company.