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Performance Racing

Headquartered in the heart of NASCAR territory, CMT has been helping performance racing machines operate at peak performance for more than three decades. Drivers, team owners, pit crews, and sponsors demand pedal assemblies, gear ratios, and steering nuances custom calibrated to maximize speed and driver effectiveness. CMT works with large world class manufacturers as well as racing teams, in this industry, as well as medium size and smaller companies that also feed it.

Solutions-Based Engineering to Meet the Need for Speed

Often the characteristics of component design in the industry are unique to the manufacturer. This is where CMT’s technical and engineering support is invaluable in identifying and implementing the best product for the job in order to meet specifications and tight tolerances. CMT offers a complete line of manufacturers whose products are specifically targeted at the industries in the performance racing industry, including metal cutting tools, abrasives, gauging, PPE and MRO products.
CMT engineers are known for their ability to analyze the materials used to build the various performance racing components, scrutinize the manufacturing process, and contemplate the engineering intricacies involved in order to customize on-site inventory management programs, turnkey ordering processes, and implement efficient cost-cutting measures for our partners.

Racer’s-Edge Precision

The exacting cutting, drilling, and abrasive control afforded by the CNC machining of custom racing components has spurred even greater demand for CMT’s lines of tools to meet the unforgiving precision required to finesse those extra few tenths of a mile per hour that can spell the difference between taking the checkered flag and settling for second place.

A Supply Resource and an Engineering Resource

Racing teams value speed and experience, not just on the oval, but also in the shop. CMT’s supply chain management services and vast inventory ensures crews and component manufacturers have the perfect tool at their fingertips in seconds.
CMT has tuned its product offerings and support services to offer the best value for the performance racing industry, whether our partner companies are looking for:
  • Advice on applications and products
  • Vendor-managed inventory to allow them to focus on their core businesses
  • In-depth order-cost analysis, including evaluating the use and effectiveness of tools, gauges, abrasives, lubricants, and more.
The capability of CMT and our staff of Sales Engineers, provide a valuable asset to our customers in this industry, both in the form of a supply resource, as well as an engineering resource. We can offer a “best practices” approach to many of the components that are manufactured for it, that generally pose great challenges for other, non-technical suppliers. Contact us today and talk to a representative about how CMT can help your performance racing needs.