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Power Transmission

The Power transmission industry demands longer lasting, lighter weight and lower cost components, continually challenging the market and creating additional challenges for component manufacturers.
Components must perform through extreme weather and heavy duty use. Equipment failure is not an option, so components must be both rugged and precisely tuned to minimize waste and breakage. CMT represents only the most strenuously tested tools in the power transmission industry. Finely formulated to meet the most exact tolerances, they withstand the toughest manufacturing processes to turn difficult metals into components that meet the most rigid industry standards.

Tough Tools for Tough Conditions 

CMT’s product lines include several standard and custom-made tools perfectly calibrated to serve the manufacturers who serve the power transmission industry:

  • Taps that consistently deliver the perfect threading required to allow fasteners to keep equipment secure in the face of vibrations, wind, etc.
  • End mills for machining heavy-duty components like tower mounts and couplings
  • Drills that produce precisely located holes that ease assembly and resist wear and tear
  • Specialized tools built of particle metal and other high-strength materials and coated with titanium alloys  for extended product life

CMT – Your Engineering Partner

The engineering challenges and product selection requirements posed by the power transmission industry really gives CMT’s sales engineers an opportunity to shine. These professionals become an extension of our customers’ problem-solving teams. The valuable services we provide include supply resourcing, process analysis, and solution integration. Our team are experts on our comprehensive product line, and because we carry products from several of the leading manufacturers, can recommend tooling, fixtures, gauging, fluids, lubricants, and machine tool programming that best match your applications. 
The ability to understand the materials involved in the manufacturing of Power Transmission products, and how to apply product to that process is paramount in providing a solution to the needs of this competitive industry. Contact us today and talk to a representative about how CMT can solve your power transmission needs.