Industries Served-Pumps & Valves



Pump & Valve Control

Depending on the component, a pump or valve failure can mean severe property damage, costly downtime, and threats to personal health and safety. Because they are instrumental in virtually every industry, pumps, valves, and other non-structurals, along with their gauges and controls must adhere to stringent environmental standards, operating efficiencies, and precision engineering tolerances. Industries that rely on quality metalworking include:
  • Automotive industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Food and beverage
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • and others.

Custom Tools for Unique Designs

As improvements in component engineering leads to unique proprietary designs, each manufacturer may require specially built cutting tools in order to achieve maximum performance and dependability. CMT’s technical, engineering, and sales professionals are fully trained to identify the proper tap, drill, or punch best-suited to each customer’s needs, and to implement it into the job process to comply with all specifications and regulations.
Our experience and industry familiarity can help our customers manufacture higher quality products, in less time, with less tooling required, resulting in lower cost per part and greater profits.

Full Service and a Complete Range of Products

CMT represents a complete line of manufacturers whose products are specifically targeted for the plants that produce pumps, valves and controls. The tools and expert services CMT offers equip our customers with the means to produce the consistent, reliably error-free output original equipment and replacement parts producers require to maintain quality and profitability. These tools are custom-formulated to work flawlessly with brass, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, carbide, and other materials common in the manufacture of wear rings, liners, castings, etc.
CMT offers not only cutting tools, but also abrasives, gauging, PPE and MRO products that fully integrate with one another to give the pump, valve, and controls industry the production, tool control, and supply chain efficiency they need to remain productive. CMT’s production, marketing, and technical engineering support adds to our customers’ understanding of the best ways to manipulate the raw materials used in the manufacturing pump and valve components, and how to apply the products we carry to their established process.
Contact us today and talk to a representative about how CMT can help you achieve your pump, valve and control needs.