Kanban Inventory System 

A Simple but Effective Solutions to Save You Time


Kanban programs are among the most effective ordering and inventory systems. In Japanese, Kanban means “symbol” or “card”, hence the program uses a simple card-based system. Once implemented, the Kanban inventory system helps control procurement and inventory costs. 
Here's how it works:
  • Kanban cards are attached to inventory lots.  The card shows the lot quantity and a barcode of the item part number.
  • As lots are removed or used, the Kanban card is collected to be ordered.
  • The appropriate person logs into our site and scans each card to create the order.
This helps facilities achieve a “just in time” (JIT) supply chain. Items are received when they are needed, rather than being stockpiled somewhere in the facility.

CMT’s  Turn-Key Kanban Inventory System Service is Designed for Your Needs

  • Extreme Flexibility. These programs are extremely flexible and can be implemented and integrated into companies’ operations within a few days. This sets us apart from the traditional methods of relying on MRP updating and forecasting.
  • Increased Productivty and Efficiency: With Kanban implemented, indirect consumables are provided for whenever and wherever needed, which increases the productivity and efficiency of your company.
  • Reduce Costs: Accurate inventory tracking and JIT replenishment reduce stocking and storage expenses, while ensuring that supplies are on hand without slowing production.
CMT assists clients in identifying and implementing Kanban inventory system opportunities within your businesses and organizations. Our online system functions with:
  • True "pull" system replenishment
  • Quick and accurate ordering


Our turn-key service also includes labeling your cabinets and creating barcoded kanban cards for your company.CMT provides a Kanban inventory system solution that saves you money and helps keep your operation up and running. If you would like to learn more about CMT’s Kanban solution and what it can do for your bottom line, contact CMT today or Request a Consultation.