Services & Solutions



Services & Solutions

Inventory Challenges: Under and Over-stocking

Running out of necessary items can bring production to a halt, while overstocking items is inefficient, and results in unnecessary storage costs.

CMT offers a variety of service solutions, customized to meet the needs of our individual clients. Our solutions blend procurement and inventory, ensuring that the right items are delivered at the right time to the right place, with the lowest overall cost, to ensure your supplies and cutting tool management are under control.

Engineering Support for Continuous Improvement

Our team of Sales Engineers have the technical ability, resources and knowledge to help reduce your costs and guide your metalworking project to a successful completion. Whether it be custom engineering solutions or training your team on the newest manufacturing processes, CMT is your partner. 

Overall, our combined benefit of inventory management/cost tracking and our ability to use the data to drive targeted improvement help to improve your day-to-day operations.

Check Out Our Metalworking and Cutting Tool Management Services & Solutions Below: