Supply Chain


Supply Chain Solutions

A supply chain is a company’s lifeline and must work as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum production and profitability. The supply chain solutions team at CMT strives to ensure businesses can maintain their maximum production capacity by making certain that all necessary supplies are available when needed and not one moment later.

Supply Chain Solutions to Reach Maximum Efficiency 

CMT offers supply chain solution services including:
  1. Vending
  2. Crib management
  3. Kanban
All of these service solutions provide efficient supply delivery to ensure that your business has what you need when you need it. Many businesses have varying supply needs and storage capacities. That means managing the supply flow needs to be tailored to each client. When efficiency is achieved, costs for procurement, storage, and inventory are all reduced, while supplies remain available and production continues.

Vending Solutions: Reduce Storable and Inventory Costs with Tool Inventory Management

Vending is an innovative way to manage a company’s supplies and reduce operating costs. Tools, abrasives, safety supplies and many common MRO items can be stored securely and made available as needed. Rather than buying bulk lots that inevitably suffer loss and are costly to track, vending solutions provide important, everyday tools and other items only as needed and reduce storage and inventory costs. 
Vending solutions from CMT enable:
  • Electronic tracking,
  • Tool inventory management and,
  • Advanced supply chain solutions.

Crib Management: Save Time Tracking Down Inventory

The Crib Management system at CMT tracks inventory usage and availability, and it helps with keeping tool cribs organized. This way, the right products are where they should be when the need arises. 
When items break or go missing, the replacement is on-hand, and another one is sent on its way to ensure production continues smoothly. Utilizing barcodes and computers to manage inventory supply results in a well-supplied inventory and less time spent tracking down critical items and other supplies, so more time can be spent getting the job done the right way.

Kanban Solutions: Better Tool Inventory Management

Kanban systems provide highly efficient and automated tracking of a business’ supply chain needs. Instead of requiring time-consuming spreadsheets and manual inventory management, the simple pull-based system achieves a Just in Time (JIT) delivery to ensure maximum efficiency. 
Supply chain solutions result in:
  • More efficient supply replenishment,
  • Better inventory management,
  • Reduced storage costs and,
  • Reduced inventory loss due to damage, theft, and other risks. 
When a business has an advanced and efficient supply-management system in place, it gains a critical competitive advantage and improved production and profitability that helps to ensure continued success and growth.

Supply Chain Solutions from CMT

CMT’s expert staff works with you to configure the right supply chain solutions for your business. We understand that one size does not fit all, and we are able to match our extensive capabilities with your specific needs, creating a Custom Service Solution that will allow the largest potential cost savings for you. 
Learn how you can streamline your inventory processes with tool inventory management by contacting CMT today or Request a Consultation and we’ll help find the perfect solution for your facility.